14-00 Nondegree Student Classification and Course Enrollment

A nondegree student who has not been academically suspended or dismissed may enroll in any number of credits, not to exceed the typical semester credit load of a full-time student if criteria 1, 2, and 3 are met. Nondegree students who change from degree candidates to nondegree or who intend to become degree candidates must also meet criterion 4.

  1. The student has completed the prerequisites for the courses to be scheduled or has obtained permission from the instructor to schedule the course.
  2. Space is available after degree candidates have been accommodated.
  3. The student has not been dismissed or suspended for nonacademic reasons from any college or university. An applicant not in good standing at another accredited college or university for disciplinary reasons must consult with the director of the Office of Student Conduct for admissions clearance.
  4. The student has obtained academic advising/counseling from an adviser/counselor designated by the academic unit to which admission, or reinstatement and re-enrollment, is desired.

Note: A student must be admitted, or reinstated and re-enrolled, as a degree candidate to apply the credits earned as a nondegree student toward fulfilling the requirements for a degree. The dean of the college of enrollment shall decide which credits may be used to fulfill the degree requirements.

A-4 Nondegree Students

Revised: 3/2/76
Revised: 1/10/78
Revised: 3/14/78
Revised: 5/2/78
Revised: 9/7/78
Revised: 2/1/83
Revised: 4/28/87
Revised: 2/29/00
Revised Editorially: 7/6/11
Revised: 3/13/12
Revised: 4/29/14
Revised: 9/9/14-Effective Fall 2016 – Archive

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14-10 Limitations to Enrollment as a Non-degree Undergraduate Student

A student in nondegree status may remain in that status for a maximum of 30 credits, at which time the student must be accepted into a degree program to continue taking credit courses at Penn State.

If a student in nondegree status is not eligible for a degree program after completing 30 credits in that status, s/he may continue to take credit courses at Penn State only as long as a semester grade point average of more than 2.00 continues to be earned and the student has the written support of the major s/he intends to enter or re-enter. In this situation, the student must enter a degree program immediately upon reaching eligibility.

Nondegree students whose cumulative grade point average is below 2.00, who have reached the 30-credit limit, are not eligible for a degree program and will be dismissed from the University at the end of the semester and may only re-enter the University through academic renewal (as defined by Policy 54-90).

Nondegree regular students who have reached the 30-credit limit, are in good academic standing (defined as at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average), and do not intend to earn a degree may self-identify and continue taking credit courses at Penn State as an “enrichment course taker” for as long as a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 is maintained.

I-6: Limitations to Enrollment as a Nondegree Student

Initial Legislation: 4/28/87
Revised: 2/29/00
Revised: 12/3/02
Revised: 1/31/06
Revised: 3/18/08
Revised: 3/13/12
Revised: 9/9/14-Effective Fall 2016 – Archive

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