63-00 Scholarships

Full-time candidates (see Section 34-52) may be considered for any of the established University awards and scholarships administered by the Senate in accordance with the criteria designated by the award or scholarship.

The University Faculty Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling and Student Aid shall consider candidates who meet the criterion of superior scholarship for all awards and scholarships made by the University. These candidates should be those for whom no other method of nomination for their consideration for scholarships is provided. When another method of nomination is provided, the committee shall have no jurisdiction. The committee shall endeavor to carry out the wishes of the donors as approved by the Board of Trustees. The committee shall notify the President of the University and the University Faculty Senate of the names of all award and scholarship recipients.

The chairperson of each scholarship committee, whether standing or special, shall notify each candidate approved for an award or scholarship at an appropriate time in an appropriate manner. For Penn State Capital College students, the controller of the University notifies the approved candidates.

Revised: 10/6/81