Appendix D Academic Conditions for Veterans Benefits

Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

Federal law and Veterans Administration regulations specify the conditions under which student veterans, eligible dependents, and reservists are paid V.A. educational benefits. Veterans Administration benefits are paid under the standards of academic progress and policies that relate to student conduct contained in this book and that apply to all undergraduate students. In addition, certain special conditions for payment of V.A. educational benefits must be met:

  1. Veterans, eligible dependents, and reservists must report any change in academic status (change of credit load, change of major, etc.) to the Office of Veterans Programs or the certifying official promptly and personally.
  2. Courses that do not meet graduation requirements in the student’s approved major (the major that the student has declared to the V.A.) cannot be computed as part of the student’s course load for payment of V.A. benefits. (An exception is made for deficiency or remedial courses for all V.A. programs except the Educational Test Program [Section 901].)
  3. Unless mitigating circumstances exist, V.A. benefits cannot be paid for attendance of any portion of a course or semester that is not completed.
  4. Veterans, eligible dependents, and reservists who are degree candidates and are dropped for unsatisfactory scholarship, or who are provisional students who are not permitted to re-enroll because of unsatisfactory academic performance, must be reported to the Veterans Administration for “lack of academic progress.”
  5. No veteran, eligible dependent, or reservist may be certified for V.A. educational benefits as a non-degree student for more than two enrollment periods.

Revised: 6/6/72
Revised Editorially: 11/5/07
Revised: 5/17/11
Revised Editorially: 6/17/16 (Became standalone policy – separated from Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard Policy (now Appendix E))