Appendix E



(Shaded areas in [square brackets] reflect revisions made during the Senate meeting. )

Revisions to Standing Rules; Article II – Senate Committee Structure, Section 6 (k)


Implementation: Upon Approval by the Senate

Introduction and Rationale

The Committee on Committees and Rules concurs with the Committee on Outreach in recognizing the importance of outreach across the University.  The Committee on Outreach approaches outreach in a manner consistent with current practices in education and community engagement. Their most recent efforts focus on online education and extension and this revision to the Standing Rules supports that focus.

CC&R agrees with Outreach that a change in its membership to add a representative from the Office of Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses will aid its efforts to carry out its duties to identify Penn State outreach activities, establish evaluation methods to ensure quality, and create recognition measures to reward outstanding performance.

This revision also adjusts the committee membership to reflect personnel title changes in the University administrative offices. The updated title of the former Director of Cooperative Extension is now Director of Penn State Extension. In addition, the position formerly known as the Vice President for Outreach and Vice Provost for Online Education, which one person previously occupied, is now split into two separate positions. Correspondingly, the Vice President for Outreach remains in committee membership. However, since the Vice Provost for Online Education is now a member of the Committee on Education and instead attends their meetings, we have removed that position from the membership of Outreach.  Since the Committee on Outreach liaises with the Committee on Education as part of its duties, CC&R is satisfied this change will not adversely affect the committee’s work.  The Committee on Outreach has consulted with the administrators whom these revisions most affect.

The Committee on Committees and Rules accepts that these membership revisions are necessary and will permit the Committee on Outreach to continue to perform its duties effectively.


That Article II, Section 6(K) of the Standing Rules be and is hereby amended as follows:

Please note that the following contains bold text for additions and strikeouts indicating deleted text. Deleted text is notated with [Delete] [End Delete]. Added text is notated with [Add] [End Add].

Article II

(k) Committee on Outreach
  1. Membership:

(i) At least nine elected faculty senators

(ii) One student senator

(iii) Vice President for Outreach [Add] or [(Delete) his/her (End Delete) (Add) their (End Add)] designee* [End Add] [Delete] and Vice Provost for Online Education*[End Delete]

(iv) Director of [Delete] Cooperative [End Delete] [Add] Penn State [End Add] Extension*

[Add] (v) A representative from the Office of the Vice President for the Commonwealth Campuses, designated with statewide responsibility for continuing education and outreach activities* [End Add]

  1. Selection: By the Committee on Committees and Rules
  2. Duties: The Committee on Outreach recommends policy and advises the University on outreach activities. Outreach is the exchange of information and the creation of meaningful collaborations between the University and its many external audiences. Responsibilities for the Outreach committee include: identifying University outreach activities, establishing evaluation methods to ensure quality, and creating recognition measures to reward outstanding performance. Its responsibilities focus on the University’s outreach and public scholarship mission as realized through community engagement, research, credit and noncredit instruction, service through continuing and online education, cooperative extension, public broadcasting, and other programs beyond the sphere of resident education. These outreach activities are located in Penn State Outreach and Online Education, Penn State Extension, and in Penn State colleges and the [Delete] commonwealth [End Delete] [Add] Commonwealth [End Add] Campuses. The Committee on Outreach liaises with the Senate Committee on [Delete] Undergraduate [End Delete] Education, the bodies that are addressing engaged scholarship and other bodies as appropriate.
  3. Mandated reports: none. The Committee on Outreach shall send its Informational Reports to the Senate Council.

*nonvoting unless Article IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws applies


  • Jonathan Abel
  • Michael Bérubé
  • Renee Borromeo
  • Victor Brunsden, Vice-Chair
  • Ann Clements
  • Dennis Jett
  • Beth King
  • Binh Le
  • Richard Robinett
  • Nicholas Rowland
  • Keith Shapiro, Chair
  • Ann Taylor
  • Rodney Troester
  • Matthew Woessner