Appendix E



Revisions to Constitution; Article II – Membership, Section 1


Implementation: Upon Approval By the President


At its meeting on March 21, 2017, the University Faculty Senate voted to pass an Advisory and Consultative report recommending a standardization of ranks and titles for non-tenure line faculty across the University. On April 20, 2017, President Barron sent a memo to Chair Strauss, stating his concurrence with the recommendations and asking the Vice President for Human Resources to implement its recommendations. University Policy AC 21 (Definition of Academic Ranks, formerly HR21) was revised accordingly.

With the new ranks and titles now in place within University Policy AC21, the Constitution of the University Faculty Senate needs to be updated to reflect the new ranks and titles.

Recognizing that future changes may be made to AC21, CC&R recommends that, instead of enumerating each qualifying rank/title, we update Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution to refer directly to University Policy AC21. This will avoid having to revise our Constitution each time changes are made to University Policy AC21.

Finally, we recommend eliminating extraneous wording from the list of those excluded from the University Faculty electorate.


That Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution be and is hereby amended as follows:

Please note that the following contains bold text for additions and strikeouts indicating deleted text. Deleted text is notated with [Delete] [End Delete]. Added text is notated with [Add] [End Add].

Article II – Membership

Section 1

For the purpose of defining the electorate of the Senate, the term “University faculty” shall mean all persons who hold full-time academic appointments, [Delete] and who hold one of the following ranks: Lecturer, Instructor, Senior Lecturer, Senior Instructor, Research Assistant, Senior Research Assistant, Senior Scientist, Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Professor of Practice, Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian, Librarian, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor [End Delete]  [Add] including instructors and all professorial ranks and equivalent ranks as defined in University Policy AC21, [End Add] with the following exclusions:

  1. The President’s immediate staff;
  2. The immediate staff of the Executive Vice President and Provost, including Vice Provosts and Associate and Assistant Vice Provosts;
  3. Other Vice Presidents, including Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents, Academic Deans and Chancellors;
  4. Those holding affiliate academic appointments.;
  5. Faculty members of the Pennsylvania College of Technology  [Delete] are not included in the electorate of the University Faculty Senate [End Delete]


  • Jonathan Abel
  • Michael Bérubé
  • Victor Brunsden
  • Mark Casteel
  • Ann Clements
  • Beth King
  • Richard Robinett
  • Keith Shapiro
  • James Strauss
  • Jane Sutton
  • Ann Taylor
  • Kent Vrana, Chair
  • Nicole Webster, Vice Chair
  • Matthew Woessner