Revision of SRTE: Inclusion of Campus Climate

Appendix H


Online SRTE Pilot Project


On October 28, 2004, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs commissioned a committee to investigate the feasibility of moving the administration of the SRTEs from a paper distribution to an on-line environment. An on-line course evaluation tool (on-line SRTE) was developed and implemented via ANGEL. As the base of current scanning operations for the paper SRTEs, the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence was selected as the processor for the on-line pilot project.

The Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs asked the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence to provide an overview of the Online SRTE Pilot Project to the University Faculty Senate (attached).

Online SRTEs have been pilot-tested for three semesters: Fall 2005, Spring 2006, and Fall 2006. The attached slides provide a summary of current data from the pilot project and address some of the concerns expressed by faculty about on-line SRTEs. Questions addressed here focus solely on issues related to on-line SRTEs, even though some faculty have questions about SRTEs that apply to both paper and on-line delivery methods.

The primary purposes of the report are to:

  • provide a summary of Online SRTE participation,
  • review the current Online SRTE process for students and faculty,
  • discuss some of the benefits of administering the process on-line, and
  • address some of the most common faculty questions.The results of the pilot project have been promising, but answers to faculty questions about impact may change if the program is expanded from primarily voluntary participants to larger and more systematic samples of courses, sections, and faculty. The teaching institute continues to receive requests to participate from individual faculty and academic units across the University.


Connie D. Baggett
Thomas O. Beebee
Blannie E. Bowen
William H. Bowers
Cynthia A. Brewer, Chair
William S. Brockman
Victor W. Brunsden, Vice Chair
Craig E. Cameron
Roy B. Clariana
Mary Beth Clark
Russell Frank
Zachary T. Irwin
Eileen M. Kane
Angela R. Linse
Herberta M. Lundegren
Seroj Mackertich
J. Daniel Marshall
Parminder Parmar
Ira J. Ropson
James F. Smith
Linda C. Thornton
John Tierney