Examples of Appropriate and Inappropriate Requests


Consider the following scenarios for a student who was hospitalized and could not return to school:

  1. If the hospitalization occurred before the semester/session/term withdrawal deadline, she/he should withdraw before the deadline.
  2. If the hospitalization occurred after the semester/session/term withdrawal deadline (i.e., such as during the final exam period), a petition requesting a retroactive withdrawal may be appropriate. Documentation such as hospital records and/or a letter from her/his physician must be provided.
  3. If the hospitalization occurred before the semester/session/term withdrawal deadline but the student did not follow the withdrawal procedure, a petition would not be appropriate unless she/he could document circumstances preventing her/him from completing the action in a timely manner.

Late Drop

If students are requesting a selective late drop from one or more courses from a current or previous semester/session/term, a petition may be appropriate. However, they must explain why their circumstances did not affect all courses. (For example, a broken leg might affect a volleyball course but not a calculus course.) In addition, they must establish why the course was not late dropped before the semester/session/term late drop deadline. Documentation for this rationale must be provided.

Improving Grade-Point Average (GPA)

If students cannot document a reason that University policies/procedures were not followed and their only justification for a retroactive request is to improve their grade-point average (GPA) (e.g., for entry to major, law/graduate school, scholarships), a petition is not appropriate.