University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate

University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

(a) Membership:

(1) The committee shall consist of eleven members.

(2) Seven of these faculty members shall be selected by plurality election by the University Faculty Senate from a slate of nominees prepared by the Committee on Committees and Rules with provisions for nominations from the Senate floor. At least two faculty members shall be from campuses other than University Park.

(3) The remaining four members of the committee shall be appointed by the President of the University.

(4) The President shall appoint the chair of the committee from among the seven elected and four appointed committee members.

(5) All tenured Professors, Librarians, and other faculty of equivalent rank holding full-time standing appointments are eligible for election by the Senate or appointment by the President with the following exclusions:

(a) the President’s immediate staff

(b) the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University’s immediate staff

(c) those holding affiliate academic appointments

(d) Administrators as defined in Policy AD-14.

(6) All members of the committee shall serve for two-year terms commencing on July 1, staggered to provide continuity to the committee’s deliberations. No persons may serve more than two successive terms and after serving two successive terms may not be appointed or elected to the committee for the following two-year (one-term) period.

(7) In case an elected faculty member resigns, the candidate in the most recent election receiving the highest number of votes of those not elected will complete the term provided there are two or more eligible candidates. Otherwise a special election will be held.

(8) No member of this committee may serve concurrently on the Standing Joint Committee on Tenure and/or the Senate Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities.

(b) Duties:

See The Pennsylvania State University Policy Manual, Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations, HR-23 and SR: 5-6-75 IV.