Joint Committee on Insurance and Benefits

A. Membership

  1. Five faculty members appointed by the Chair of the Senate. Four of the faculty members serve rotating three-year (renewable) terms; the fifth faculty member, selected from the Faculty Benefits Committee, serves a one-year (renewable) term. At least one faculty member must be from University Park and one faculty member from a location other than University Park.
  2. Five members appointed by the President. One member shall be selected from the Office of Human Resources Staff Focus Committee.
  3. The Chair of the Committee is appointed jointly by the President and the Chair of the Senate from among the faculty members on the Committee.

B. Duties

The Joint Committee on Insurance and Benefits shall review and make recommendations to the Senate through the Faculty Benefits Committee on policies relating to the University’s insurance programs including life, medical, dental, and vision, as well as other areas normally defined as fringe benefits, including, but not limited to retirement and tuition remission. It shall be an advisory body to the Office of Human Resources and other appropriate administrative units in the formulation of all policies affecting insurance and benefits.

For other reports applicable to this committee, please contact the Senate office.