Faculty Rights & Responsibilities

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Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate

Senate Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

(a)    Membership: Nine (9) members elected by the Senate – six (6) faculty members and three (3) members of the Academic Leadership Council. Two (2) of the faculty members shall be from academic voting units other than those at University Park. Alternate: Six (6) faculty members and three (3) deans will be elected as alternates. Two (2) of the faculty alternates shall be from academic voting units other than those at University Park.

(1)   The term of office for members and alternates will be three (3) years commencing on July 1. The terms will be staggered to provide for continuity.

(2)   The Committee on Committees and Rules will present a list of nominees to fill vacancies and expiring terms on the committee at the next to last meeting of the Senate each academic year. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at that time.

(3)   Election of committee members and alternates will be by secret written plurality election by mail ballot.

(4)   In case an elected faculty members resigns, an alternate elected in the same year as the member resigning will complete the term. The candidate in the most recent election receiving the highest number of votes of those not elected will fill the unexpired term of the alternate provided there are two or more eligible candidates. Otherwise, a special election will be held.

(5)   No member of this committee may serve concurrently on the Standing Joint Committee on Tenure and/or the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee.

(b) Duties and Procedures: See SR: 5-8-73 III, pp. 7-15.